Are NFPA labels are required by OSHA?

Yes, OSHA will continue to allow NFPA and/or HMIS rating systems on labels and SDSs as supplemental information. However, the rules for labeling and placement on the SDSs still apply. … Employers may create their own labeling system that works for their workplace and employee population.

Are NFPA labels required?


OSHA has adopted the labeling standards from the NFPA when it comes to identifying hazardous materials. They require that companies use this labeling system whenever hazardous materials are being transported, stored, or used in a facility.

Why are NFPA labels important?

NFPA 704 labels provide an appropriate signal or alert for the protection of emergency response personnel, assist in planning for effective fire and emergency control operations, including cleanup.

Where are NFPA signs required?

Local authorities have jurisdiction as to where and how many are needed, but NFPA suggests at a minimum the signs should be located on: Two exterior walls of a building or facility; Each access to a room or area; or. Each principal means of access to an exterior storage area.

Why is labeling required OSHA?

The revised standard requires that information about chemical hazards be conveyed on labels using quick visual notations to alert the user, providing immediate recognition of the hazards.

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What is full form of NFPA?

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a United States trade association established in 1896, is to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by providing and advocating consensus codes and standards, research, training, and education.

What do the NFPA colors mean?

The four bars are color coded, using the modern color bar symbols with blue indicating the level of health hazard, red for flammability, orange for a physical hazard, and white for Personal Protection. The number ratings range from 0-4. The Health section conveys the health hazards of the material.

Where should NFPA diamonds and labels be?

Positioning NFPA Diamond Labels

In general, it goes on the upper half of the truck so that it is the most visible, but that is not strictly required. When placing labels on containers, it is simply necessary to place them in such a way as to ensure they are easily visible.

What do NFPA numbers mean?

The National Fire Association (NFPA) has developed a color-coded number system called NFPA 704. The system uses a color-coded diamond with four quadrants in which numbers are used in the upper three quadrants to signal the degree of health hazard (blue), flammability hazard (red), and reactivity hazard (yellow).

What are the general labeling requirements?

All product labels must have the following four required statements:

  • an identity statement.
  • a net weight statement.
  • a list of ingredients.
  • company name and address.

Why is labeling required?

The purpose of container labeling is to provide an immediate warning to employees of the hazards they may be exposed to and through the chemical identity, labels provide a link to more detailed information available through MSDS’s and other sources.

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What are the six required elements of a product label?

All labels are required to have pictograms, a signal word, hazard and precautionary statements, the product identifier, and supplier identification. A sample revised HCS label, identifying the required label elements, is shown on the right.

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