Best answer: Can you put charcoal in a breeo fire pit?

If using lump charcoal or briquettes, dump a generous amount into the Breeo fire pit, creating a pile. Tuck two firestarters into the coals and light them. After about 15 minutes, spread the coals around with long tongs. Once they begin to turn ash gray, you can start cooking.

Can you burn pellets in a breeo?

The answer is yes! Wood pellets are versatile and clean burning. They can be used in a fireplace or wood stove with a special insert.

What should I put under my breeo?

Surfaces we recommend would be gravel, pebbles, or dirt. Wherever you place your fire pit, we recommend placing a heat protectant surface underneath between the fire pit and your surface. Some protectants that we recommend are heat shields, gravel, or sand.

How long do pellets last in a fire pit?

Many pellet grills require at least seventy-five pounds worth of wood pellets at one time to heat food as best as they can. Forty pounds of wood pellets will typically last for twenty-four hours, and seventy-five pounds will usually last for closer to forty hours.

Should I cover my breeo?

We do not recommend using the lid to snuff the fire. Due to the design of the X airflow system the fire will continue to draw oxygen even after the lid is applied and the lid may be damaged by excessive heat. … We recommend only using the lid to cover the pit while not in use.

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Does the Breeo fire pit rust?

I’m a big fan of Breeo and Solo Stove fire pits – if you’ve read other articles on this blog that shouldn’t be a surprise. Both company’s basic wood-burning fire pits come in stainless steel and are rust-resistant out of the box.

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