Can I complain about a bonfire?

They must investigate your complaint and can issue a nuisance abatement notice. You can also take private action in the magistrates’ court. If the fire is only occasional, it is unlikely to be considered a nuisance in law.

Can you report someone for having a bonfire?

Bonfires can cause a considerable nuisance because of the ash and smoke produced. … We can take action if we are satisfied that the bonfire is causing a statutory nuisance to neighbouring properties.

Can I complain about a Neighbour’s bonfire?

Complain about a neighbour’s bonfire

Your council has a responsibility to investigate complaints of smoke and fumes that could be a ‘statutory nuisance’. They can issue an ‘abatement notice’ if a neighbour’s bonfire is causing a nuisance.

Is a bonfire a statutory nuisance?

For domestic properties, there are no laws that prohibit having a bonfire. However, a bonfire can be a statutory nuisance. Law does not specify when burning may or may not take place.

What can I do about Neighbours bonfire?

If a Neighbour’s Bonfire Causes a Problem

If a neighbour is burning a bonfire which is causing a nuisance, you should go round to their house and ask them politely to extinguish it or if they could do anything to reduce its effects.

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How do I report an illegal bonfire?

If you are experiencing smoke nuisance from a bonfire, you can Report It online. or on 020 8489 0000 between 5pm and 2am Thursday to Sunday. During the COVID-19 crisis we are continuing to investigate statutory nuisances that are affecting public health and are considered urgent and critical.

How do I complain about nuisance bonfires?

To report a nuisance arising from a bonfire, contact the Environmental Health Service on telephone 020 8359 7995 or email . Include your address and telephone number as well as details of the premises where the bonfire is located.

What time can you legally have a fire in your garden?

Contrary to some belief there are no restrictions on the time of day, or day of the week that someone can have a fire. Generally speaking if you live in a domestic property and are burning domestic or garden waste then you can have a fire whenever you like.

How do I report a Neighbours fire?

Report a neighbour’s bonfire

If a neighbour is frequently having a bonfire and it is causing a problem, talk to your neighbour. They may not be aware that the bonfire is a nuisance to others. If the problem continues, call us on 020 8430 2000.

What is a nuisance bonfire?

Is the bonfire a nuisance? To qualify as a nuisance a bonfire has to be a recurring problem and must interfere substantially with nearby residents’ well-being, comfort or enjoyment of their property Smoke and ash from bonfires can be a serious health hazard, producing toxic fumes and particulates.

Can you have a bonfire in your garden during the day?

Now that you know more about burning rubbish in a garden, you can do it while being safe. Besides, there are no set times or days when you are permitted to have a bonfire. So legally, you can do this any time of day or night. It is recommended to plan your burning of rubbish in a way that it finishes burning at dusk.

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Are bonfires allowed in Waverley?

The law on bonfires

There are no laws prohibiting you having a garden bonfire or burning material on a fire pit, or when they can be lit. However, you must not cause a statutory nuisance to others. A quick burning bonfire that does not emit smoke is unlikely to cause problems.

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