Frequent question: Is it bad to pull the fire alarm?

Pulling the fire alarm in the absence of a fire not only has the potential to put students and faculty in danger, but it also puts the perpetrator in the position of potentially being charged with a misdemeanor.

How serious is pulling a fire alarm?

Cal. Penal Code § 148.4 provides serious criminal penalties for anyone who willfully and maliciously gives, sends, or transmits a false alarm of fire. In California, this offense is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and/or up to $1,000 in criminal fines.

When should you pull a fire alarm?

EH&S instructs laboratories with hazardous materials to pull the fire alarm to evacuate the building when a chemical or hazardous material spill has occurred that poses a danger to others in the surrounding area.

Should you pull a fire alarm if you only see smoke?

What You Should Do. If you smell or see smoke or fire, alert others in the nearby area, activate the fire alarm by pulling a fire alarm pull station and evacuate. … Do not attempt to fight the fire yourself unless you have been trained in the use of firefighting equipment and it is safe to do so.

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Can deodorant set off a fire alarm?

Products such as deodorant and hair spray will commonly set off smoke detectors. Consider fitting temporary covers on detectors while the activity is being carried out. … Dust can also prevent detectors working effectively in the future.

Is a false fire alarm illegal?

Penal Code 148.4 PC is the California statute that defines the crime of making a false fire alarm or false report of a fire. A person violates this law if he/she tampers with or breaks a fire alarm or fire protection equipment (such as fire extinguishers), triggers a false fire alarm, or makes a false report of a fire.

Is it illegal to tamper with a smoke detector?

It is Illegal to Tamper with Fire Alarm Systems.

Is it a criminal Offence to tamper with fire extinguishers?

Tampering with fire alarm systems is a criminal offence and the fire authorities may decide to prosecute you. Any abuse of the fire equipment will be taken seriously both by Unipol and your educational institution. … Do not leave fire doors propped open, as this is the means of protection in the event of a fire.

How many pull stations are required?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety Code requires at least one manual fire pull station in each building. The code states that a building should not entrust life safety to only one safeguard, and directs that additional safeguards be implemented.

How do you activate the fire alarm?

To activate a Fire Alarm, pull the handle on one of the red fire alarm boxes. In all cases of fire, call 911 immediately. Someone must report the fire. Do not assume someone else is making this call, make the call yourself!!

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What you shouldn’t do if you see fire or smell smoke in your house?

Stay Low. If you can see smoke in the house, stay low to the ground as you make your way to the exit. In a fire, smoke and poisonous air hurt more people than the actual flames do.

How do people walk through smoke?

Crawl if there is smoke: If you get caught in smoke, get down and crawl, taking short breaths through your nose. Cleaner cooler air will be near the floor. Remember, “Get low and Go!” Feel the doors before opening: Before opening any doors, feel the door knob or handle.

What is the correct way to respond to a fire alarm?

Fire Alarm Response

  1. Immediately evacuate the building to the outside.
  2. NEVER go back to retrieve personal belongings.
  3. Move away from the front of the building to allow the fire fighters and their trucks to access the building.
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