How many prisoner firefighters are there?

How many prisoners are fighting fires?

California’s prisoners have played a key role in fighting fires for decades, but inmate fire camps are down to roughly 1,600 inmates as of May 2021. That’s less than half of the prisoners the camps housed in 2016.

How much do prisoner firefighters make?

Inmate firefighters are paid $2 to $5 per day, and they get an extra dollar per hour when they’re actively working at a fire.

Are there firefighters in prisons?

Originally built in 1963, the California Correctional Center trains inmate firefighters who staff 14 firefighting camps in Northern California, which will continue to operate and provide firefighting and mitigation work.

Do they train inmates to fight fires?

Adult male inmates receive Forestry Firefighter Training (FFT) is taught by CAL FIRE staff and consists of 29 hours of classroom training. The California Correctional Center (CCC) in Susanville serves as the primary hub for providing training and placement of inmates in Northern California conservation camps.

How do firefighters get paid?

Firefighters work on a 21-day, 168-hour pay schedule. They receive two different types of paychecks. One type of paycheck is received bi-weekly and is intended to cover 106 hours. The second type of paycheck is paid every three weeks, at the end of the firefighter’s 168-hour pay period.

How do inmates become firefighters?

People convicted of certain violent or sex crimes would not be eligible. California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday signed a bill allowing inmate firefighters to have their records expunged, clearing the path for them to be eligible for firefighting jobs upon release.

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