How many wildfires are in Arizona?

2021 Arizona wildfires
Total fires 1,100+ (As of August 12)
Total area 550,593 acres (222,817 ha)
Deaths 2

How many wildfires are burning in Arizona right now?

PHOENIX – Arizona firefighters are battling multiple wildfires across the state as high temperatures continue. By April 2021, Arizona was already having an active wildfire season, which was expected per the National Weather Service’s 2021 wildfire forecast. The state now has over 20 active wildfires.

How many fires are in Arizona?

In 2020, more than 80% of Arizona’s fires were human caused. In all, 2,520 wildfires burned nearly 980,000 acres of state, federal, and tribal lands in almost every corner of the state. There is no ‘wildfire season’ anymore in Arizona.

Are there any current wildfires in Arizona?

Alamo Fire: 4,953 acres. … Walnut Fire: 10,667 acres. Contained as of June 29. Telegraph Fire: 180,757 acres.

How common are fires in Arizona?

Most reported wildfires are small. … For example, in 2019, Arizona saw a total of 1,864 wildfires but only 71 burned 100 acres or more, according to the Southwest Coordination Center. That number was less in 2018, when only 52 of the state’s 1,966 wildfires burned at least 100 acres of land.

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Why is it smoky in Phoenix?

Looking hazy outside your window in metro Phoenix? It’s smoke from Arizona’s wildfires. … It’s actually smoke from wildfires. According to the National Weather Service in Phoenixon Monday afternoon, lofted smoke from the Telegraph Fire is causing the sky to look hazy in the Phoenix area as the winds blow west.

Is there a fire in Pinetop AZ?

The Horton Complex Fires near Pinetop have burned almost 5,000 acres in and are only 6% contained as of Thursday. … The expected fire consolidation has prompted the closure of the Apache-Sitegraves National Forests.

Is superior AZ a good place to live?

Superior Reviews

Superior is a safe and friendly town. I feel comfortable letting my kids play outside. I have lived here all my life (43 years). The education is getting better every year.

Where is the smoke coming from in Arizona?

The National Weather Service in Flagstaff says the smoke is coming from fires currently burning in the Pacific Northwest. Smoke is being funneled into Northern Arizona, thanks to a high that’s directing the smoke into the region.

Is there a fire near Prescott AZ today?

There are currently no fire restrictions in effect on Prescott National Forest. There are currently no fire restrictions in effect on Prescott National Forest.

Why is it so hazy in Tucson today?

The haze in the air today is caused by smoke from the massive wildfire in New Mexico. News 4 Tucson meteorologist Jeff Beamish says winds will likely shift the smoke away from Arizona later today.

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Where is the backbone fire?

What are the biggest fires in Arizona?

At just over 538,000 acres, the Wallow Fire surpassed the Rodeo-Chediski to become the largest wildfire in Arizona history.

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