How much does a CO2 fire extinguisher cost?

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Is CO2 fire extinguisher good for home?

That being said, a CO2 extinguisher can still be used in any other part of the house, including the garage. Small stores: Relatively small retail stores should keep a 2kg CO2 extinguisher on hand. Should an electrical fire occur, a CO2 extinguisher is the best means of putting it out.

What is a c02 fire extinguisher for?

CO2 fire extinguishers contain pure carbon dioxide which is a clean extinguishant, leaving no residue. Suitable for class B flammable liquid fires (petrol, oil, solvents), and recommended for use on live electrical equipment.

How many CO2 fire extinguishers do I need?

All premises with electrical equipment must have at least 2kg CO2 extinguishers. Where there is 415 volt rated equipment, then 5kg CO2 extinguishers are required.

When should you not use a CO2 fire extinguisher?

Dangers: CO2 extinguishers should not be used on fires involving solid materials, such as paper, wood and fabric, and also are not suitable for use on flammable gases. How it works: The CO2 works by cutting off the fire’s oxygen supply. This then smothers it and, as it does so, extinguishes the flames.

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What is the difference between ABC and CO2 fire extinguisher?

CO2s are designed for Class B and C (flammable liquid and electrical) fires only. Carbon Dioxide is a non-flammable gas that extinguishes fire by displacing oxygen, or taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle.

Which is a disadvantage of CO2 extinguishers?

Disadvantages Of Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers

As CO2 works by displacing the oxygen around the fire, it is not suitable for outdoor use, or in environments exposed to windy conditions. CO2 is a high pressured extinguisher. Using it on class A fires or class F fires could cause the fire to spread.

What is 13 a fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers for use on Class A fires, flammable solids such as paper, wood, textiles, are rated on their ability to extinguish test fires. The test rating is clearly displayed on the extinguisher label. … As a general rule one 13A extinguisher covers 200 square meters.

How cold is CO2 fire extinguisher?

Solid carbon dioxide is always below -78°C at regular atmospheric pressure, regardless of the air temperature. Carbon dioxide gas in a steel cylinder, such as a fire extinguisher, is kept in pressurized liquid form.

How do you calculate the number of fire extinguishers?

The calculation can be simplified by applying the rule of thumb that one 13A extinguisher covers 200 square metres of floor area. To calculate how many 13A extinguishers are required, divide the floor area by 200, and round up.

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