Is Clarisse afraid of firemen?

Clarisse also notes that Montag’s friendly attitude towards her sets him apart from the others. She has clearly been bothered by firemen in the past, as she mentions that Montag does not “threaten” her. In sum, Montag’s friendly, relaxed and curious attitude is what sets him apart from the others.

What is Clarisse afraid of?

During a conversation with Montag (in Part One), Clarisse admits to being afraid of her peers: I’m afraid of children my own age. … It is ironic, then, that Clarisse is killed by a group of her peers who are out joyriding, one of the activities to which she is so opposed.

Why is Clarisse not afraid of the firemen?

The reasons that she gives don’t really paint firemen in the most flattering light. The first reason she doesn’t think he fits the stereotype is that, as she puts it, “I’m not afraid of you at all.” To her, firemen are terrfying people that show up only when your entire life is about to be destroyed.

Are firemen feared in Fahrenheit 451?

In Bradbury’s classic novel Fahrenheit 451, the oppressive totalitarian government censors literature. … But you’re just a man, after all…” (Bradbury, 3). Clarisse’s comment shows that the majority of citizens fear firemen like Montag because they are destructive, oppressive, and intimidating.

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Which of the following is something that Clarisse is afraid of *?

Clarisse’s school and psychologist describe her as a regular onion and anti-social. The truth is that she is afraid of kids her age because they kill each other.

Is Montag in love with the girl?

According to Clarisse, or, more precisely, Clarisse’s interpretation of the dandelion she rubs under his chin, Montag is not in love with anyone. Montag reacts angrily to this, saying that he is very much in love, by which he means that he loves his wife, Mildred. Later, Montag admits to himself that this is not true.

Why is Mildred a bad wife?

Mildred is a poor choice for this knowledge for several reasons: She is not emotionally mature. When Mildred learns of the books, she exclaims, … While she cannot fathom the possibilities of books and cannot respond to them intellectually or emotionally, she longs for the stories and “family” portrayed in her parlor.

Why does Beatty say Clarisse is better off dead?

For Beatty, then, Clarisse is “better off dead” because her family has corrupted her mind and turned her into a non-conformist. As such, she is unable to accept the censorship in their society and this has turned her into a social liability and embarrassment, incapable of ever blending in.

What does Clarisse say about firemen?

Clarisse notices that Montag is a fireman right after she meets him, as she notices that he smells like kerosene. She tells him, “You know, I’m not afraid of you at all.” Many people in their society fear firemen, who destroy books by burning them.

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Why is Fahrenheit 451 a banned book?

Sometimes a few libraries will refuse to carry a certain book if they believe it is too offensive. Fahrenheit 451 was banned from a school district because it used the phrase “God damn!” The school board felt that this language was inappropriate for students to read.

Why does Faber say books are hated and feared?

According to professor Faber, books are hated and feared because they show the pores of life and they show it is as it truly is, good or bad. Books show us true thinks about our self that we don’t like to know.

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