Question: How did Montag become a fireman?

Montag became a fireman because he follows his family tradition, for his father and grandfather were also firemen. This ties into one of the themes of the novel – the danger of just following along. This too is what has gotten the society of Fahrenheit 451 in so much trouble.

Who turned Montag into firefighters?

The answer to your question is simple: Beatty tells Montag to burn his house with a flamethrower. It says as much in the following quotation: I want you to do this job not with kerosene and a match, but piecework, with a flamethrower. This happens when Beatty and Montag go to Montag’s house in Fahrenheit 451.

Was Montag’s father and grandfather a fireman?

Montag came from a legacy of firemen. His father and grandfather were both firemen, and so he became one too. For many years, Montag enjoyed his job and was known for doing it well.

How are firemen chosen in Fahrenheit 451?

The ability for the firemen to exist as they are in Montag’s society, as men who burn books, was paved long before that job existed. Society paved the way for firemen to be possible. Beatty explains the road leading up to firemen when he visits Montag’s house the morning Montag stays home sick (after they burn Mrs.

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Why is Montag a firemen?

Montag becomes a fireman because it is a prestigious job in his society. … For ten years, Montag enjoys his job, feeling strong and powerful as he watches books burn. His position allows him a degree of freedom, he gets to see the forbidden books that are being burned. It makes him feel important.

Who came to visit Montag when he was sick?

Beatty visits Montag when he doesn’t come to work because he realizes that Montag is experiencing a crisis of faith about books. Mildred tells Montag that he has been lying in bed five hours later than normal. He tells her he is sick, and asks her to call Captain Beatty.

Did Montag enjoy being a fireman before meeting Clarisse?

Before Montag meets Clarisse, he is described as having a “fierce grin of all men singed and driven back by flame.” Like the other firemen, Montag’s greatest pleasure in life is burning books; he believes he’s happy with his job, marriage, and day-to-day routine.

Why is Fahrenheit 451 a banned book?

Sometimes a few libraries will refuse to carry a certain book if they believe it is too offensive. Fahrenheit 451 was banned from a school district because it used the phrase “God damn!” The school board felt that this language was inappropriate for students to read.

Why does Beatty say Clarisse is better off dead?

For Beatty, then, Clarisse is “better off dead” because her family has corrupted her mind and turned her into a non-conformist. As such, she is unable to accept the censorship in their society and this has turned her into a social liability and embarrassment, incapable of ever blending in.

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