Question: When searching for the area of origin firefighters must always?

When searching for the area of origin, firefighters must always: wear PPE and respiratory protection until the atmosphere is determined to be safe.

How should a firefighter treat evidence that he or she finds at a fire scene?

Evidence should be bagged and removed from the fire scene as quickly as possible. c. Evidence should be moved to a central location in the structure so that it is easy for the fire investigator to analyze.

What must be present to determine fire cause?

To determine fire cause a firefighter should look for: an ignition source and sequence. Which type of fire cause occurs when humans are not involved in the ignition process?

When trying to determine the area of origin What do investigators attempt to find?

The investigator should: Identify a distinct origin (location where the fire started) and an obvious fire cause (ignition source, first fuel ignited, and circumstances of the event that brought the two together).

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Which member of the fire department has the responsibility to determine the origin and cause of a fire quizlet?

The first responding firefighter has a legal responsibility for determining origin and cause of fire.

Which is an example of evidence spoliation?

As well, in some jurisdictions, witness tampering (i.e. intimidating a witness, physically preventing them from testifying, or persuading them to alter their testimony) can be considered an example of spoliation of evidence.

What are the 4 key elements of fire investigation?

With few exceptions, the proper methodology for a fire or explosion investigation is to first determine and establish the origin(s), then investigate the cause: circumstances, conditions, or agencies that brought the ignition source, fuel, and oxidant together.

What are the 4 classifications of fire causes?

Fire cause is the identification of the first fuel ignited, the oxidizer, the ignition source, and the circumstances bringing these factors together. There are four classifications of fire cause: accidental, natural, incendiary, and undetermined.

What are signs of arson?

Common Signs of Arson

  • A large amount of damage.
  • No “V” burn pattern present, unsual burn patterns and high heat stress.
  • Lack of accidental causes.
  • Evidence of forced entry.
  • Absence of valuable items.
  • The same person shows up at unconnected fires.
  • Low burning point with unidentifiable point of origin.
  • Multiple points of origin.

What significance does a fire’s point of origin?

What significance does a fire’s point of origin have regarding the investigation of a suspected arson fire? – The point of origin of a suspected arson fire is where the most physical evidence may be located indicating fire of incendiary nature.

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Why is it important to determine the cause and origin of a fire?

Why is it important to determine the cause of a fire? It can help prevent similar fires from happening in the future.

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