Quick Answer: Are campfires banned in Utah?

The restrictions ban the use of campfires or any open flames, tent stoves, coal and wood burning stoves, charcoal grills and barbecues (propane stoves are allowed). This applies to all public land, as well as unincorporated private land.

Can you have campfires in Utah 2021?

Stage 1 Restrictions: No open fires of any kind except within established public facilities in improved campgrounds, picnic areas. Stage 2 Restrictions: NO OPEN FIRES OF ANY KIND — even within an established fire pit. Devices using pellets, compressed or liquid or gas (grills, stoves, lanterns, heaters, etc.)

Can you have a fire pit in Utah?

Recreational Fires

The fuel area cannot exceed 3ft diameter by 2ft in height. … Fires contained in an improved barbecue pits or portable outdoor fireplace require a minimum of 15 feet of clearance. LP or natural gas fire pits or grills require 10 feet of clearance.

Are campfires allowed in Zion National park?

When fire danger is high, all campfires may be prohibited. When permitted, fires are only allowed in established fire rings in the campgrounds. Collecting any type of wood in the park is prohibited. … Campfires are not allowed anywhere in the Zion Wilderness.

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Are campfires allowed in American Fork Canyon?

You can have Recreational Burns in American Fork City limits if you comply with the following rules: Any day that is a green burn day. Call 801-374-2876 to check burn status. Recreational fires shall not be within 25ft of a structure or combustible materials.

Is a fire pit considered an open flame?

In many areas, the operation of a propane fire pit is legally defined as open burning. When a fire is present in an open outdoor area, regardless of the source of fuel used to feed the fire, it’s considered open burning.

NO OPEN FIRES OF ANY KIND (compressed or liquid gas grills, stoves, firepits with a shutoff valve ARE ALLOWED with proper clearance of flammable materials.)

Can you burn in Utah today?

Current Burn Status

State regulations prohibit residents from burning wood or coal on no burn days. Regulations cover Box Elder, Cache, Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah, and Weber Counties and include fireplaces and wood, pellet, and coal burning stoves.

Can you smoke at Zion?

*Smoking is allowed within an enclosed vehicle, developed recreation site or designated smoking area. Discharging, or using any kind of fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices, is prohibited at all times on all federal public lands.

What is the best month to visit Zion National Park?

The best time to visit Zion National Park is between the months of April and November when the park’s free shuttles are running and the weather is comfortable.

Can you drink alcohol in Zion National Park?

Drinking Laws – The legal drinking age is 21. The legal BAC is 0.08%. Wine and Liquor are sold in state-run stores only, and these are closed on Sunday. Alcohol can be served only with a meal in a restaurant and in private clubs (bars).

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