Quick Answer: How do Anne Bradstreet’s Puritan beliefs influence her reaction to the burning of her house?

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How does Anne Bradstreet feel about her house burning down?

Bradstreet feels guilty that she is hurt from losing earthly possessions. It is against her belief that she should feel this way; showing she is a sinner. Her deep puritan beliefs brought her to accept that the loss of material was a spiritually necessary occurrence.

How is Bradstreet’s poem contradictory to Puritan beliefs?

Bradstreet’s poem speaks obliquely to the competing beliefs on how to conduct one’s life on earth given the contradictory nature of Puritanism: even though God had predetermined, or elected, those who would attain salvation, one still had to conduct one’s life on earth so as to prepare to receive grace, or salvation, …

Did Anne Bradstreet’s house burn down?

In 1645, her family moved to North Andover (then called Andover). … Even if her address was known, the building would surely be gone; in 1666, Bradstreet’s North Andover home burned down, prompting her to write one of her most well-known poems “Verses Upon the Burning of our House.”

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What does the Speaker do when she can no longer look at her burning house?

The speaker states how her “pleasant things” lie-in “ashes” and she will no longer go and look at them. There is nothing left for her to see.

What is Anne Bradstreet’s most famous poem?

Anne Bradstreet’s most famous poem is “Contemplations.” Anne Bradstreet died in 1672 at the age of 60. The Tenth Muse was published in America in 1678, six years after her death.

Who is Anne Bradstreet often compared to?

In a statement of extravagant praise Cotton Mather compared Anne Bradstreet to such famous women as Hippatia, Sarocchia, the three Corinnes, and Empress Eudocia and concluded that her poems have “afforded a grateful Entertainment unto the Ingenious, and a Monument for her Memory beyond the stateliest Marbles.” …

What impact did the Puritan era have on the style and language of the poem?

Puritans wrote directly to the point, and avoided much of the eleborate writing style that became popular in Europe. Simple sentences with common language allowed Puritans to communicate information without feeling like they were drawing attention to themselves.

What does the world no longer let me love mean?

The last two lines ” the world no longer let me love, my hope and treasure lies above” B. Saying that the your eternal life in heaven is better than life on earth.

What does and did thy wealth on earth abide mean?

Then straight I ‘gin my heart to chide, and did thy wealth on earth abide?” ( Bradstreet 36-38) Biblical allusion: Ecclesiastes 12:8- “Everything is useless! The Teacher says that everything is useless.” Meaning in poem: All earthly possessions are useless and meaningless.

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