What are the additional requirements on tankers for fire fighting?

What are additional requirements on tankers for fire fighting?

338(91) requires: “For ships constructed on or after 1 July 2014, a minimum of two two-way portable radiotelephone apparatus for each fire party for fire-fighter’s communication shall be carried on board. Those two-way portable radiotelephone apparatus shall be of an explosion-proof type or intrinsically safe.

What are the additional requirements on tankers?

Fire Protected Totally Enclosed Life Boat on each side = 100% (onboard person capacity) Chemical tankers and gas carrier carrying cargoes emitting toxic vapours or gasses shall carry fire protected totally enclosed lifeboat equipped with a self contained air support system.

What are the SOLAS requirements to fire fighting equipment?

What is SOLAS requirements for Portable fire fighting equipments on board?

  • Min capacity of powder and CO2 is 5kg.
  • Min capacity of foam is 9l.
  • Max mass of all portable not to exceed 23kg and shall have a fire fighting capacity of a 9l liquid extinguisher.

What is the minimum number of firefighter outfit that must be provided on a tanker?

Fireman Suit

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Required according to SOLAS regulations Chapter II Reguation 17. “All ships shall carry at least two fireman’s outfits complying with the requirements.” In addition, two fireman’s outfits shall be provided for tankers.

What is fireman’s outfit?

1.1 Protective clothing of material to protect the skin from the heat radiating from the fire and from burns and scalding by steam. The outer surface shall be water resistant. 1.2 Boots and gloves of rubber or other electrically nonconducting material. 1.3 A rigid helmet providing effective protection against impact.

What are the different kind of tankers?

Breakdown of Various Classifications of Oil Tankers

Size / Classification Deadweight Tonnage (DWT) Avg Dimension (Length | Height | Draft in feet)
Panamax 50,000 – 75,000 65,000
Aframax 75,000 – 120,000 810 | 110 | 60
Suezmax 120,000 – 180,000 950 | 150 | 60
VLCC 200,000 – 320,000 1240 | 200 | 100

What is the biggest danger to life when your vessel has collided with another ship?

Unfortunately the possibilities of loss of life in such cases are very high. Secondly, the environmental impact is very negative especially if any one of the vessels in the collision happens to carry any chemicals or any other harmful material that could be dangerous for marine life.

What are mandatory certificates?

Mandatory certificates are also called obligatory certificates. All the certificates that are required for uninterrupted trading of the vessel (Statutory and mandatory certificates) are called trading certificates.

What are the three diameters of fire hoses most commonly found on ships?

Fire Hose and Nozzles: Fire hoses with length of at least 10 meters are used in ships. Number and diameter of the hoses are determined by the classification society. Nozzle of diameters 12 m, 16 m and 19 m used on ship are of dual purpose types- Jet and spray mode.

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How many fireman’s outfits do tankers carry?

In tankers, two fireman’s outfits.

What is regulation 9 in the Solas Chapter II-2?

Regulation 9 – Containment of fire: Containment of a fire in the space of origin. Regulation 10 – Fire fighting: The suppression and swiftly extinguishing of a fire in the space of origin.

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