What fire extinguishers do I need in an office?

The 3 most common types of fire extinguishers needed in an office are Water, CO2 & Foam.

What is the best type of extinguisher for office buildings?

ABC extinguishers are great in an office environment. Water Mist: Pressurized water extinguishers are a good option for environments with sensitive equipment, such as hospitals.

Does every office need a fire extinguisher?

Fire Extinguishers

These are extremely important for every commercial building, and every office space should have at least one fire extinguisher. The number of fire extinguishers will depend on the size and spread of the property as well as the number of floors in the building.

What part of the CO2 extinguisher should you never touch?

Aim: Aim low, pointing the nozzle or hose at the base of the fire. Do not touch the horn on a CO2 extinguisher, it gets very cold and can damage the skin.

To comply with fire safety legislation, it is a legal requirement to have an ‘appropriate person’ who is trained to carry out fire safety measures. … fire extinguishers should never be used by someone with no training. A person must be properly trained to use firefighting equipment.

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