What is a spanner wrench used for in firefighting?

Simple tasks on the fireground become difficult if fire fighters are unprepared in their skills. The spanner wrench is a simple tool, commonly found on the fireground. It is capable of performing may essential functions such as prying open doors and windows and opening and closing gas meter valves.

What is a spanner wrench firefighting?

Spanner wrenches for wildland fire fighters and forest firefighters. An adjustable hydrant wrench with a double spanner head. … The adjustable jaw is constructed of tough, manganese bronze for long life. This wrench will accommodate pentagon heads for 1-7/8”, and square heads to 1-1/2”.

What is Storz coupling?

The Storz coupling is a type of standardized fittings connecting fire hoses, especially large diameter ones, to fire hydrants, pumps, and the inlets so that water can be supplied to fire sprinklers or standpipe systems.

What is a line wrench?

Brake line wrenches (flare nut wrenches or simply line wrenches) serve a specific purpose. Domestic cars often use 7/16-inch and imports 10 mm. via amazon.com. Brake line wrenches (often called flare nut wrenches or simply line wrenches) serve a specific purpose in a mechanic’s toolbox.

Can a pipe wrench open a fire hydrant?

Anyone with a simple pipe wrench can open a hydrant and gain access to the water supply.

What size wrench do you need to open a fire hydrant?

Heavy-duty adjustable fire hydrant wrench with an overall length of 18 inches. Spanner for pin lug and sensible (rocker) lug couplings, 1 1/2″ thru 6″. Notched to fit 1 1/4″ square hydrant nut for pentagon hydrant nuts up to 1 1/2″ from point to flat plated iron head, 7/8″ plated steel handle.

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