Where are Type K fire extinguishers required?

Class K-rated fire extinguishers may be no more than 30 feet away. Class K extinguishers are designed for fires in commercial kitchens and should be placed near deep-fryers and other cooking surfaces.

Do you need class K fire extinguisher?

Class K fires are most likely to start in commercial kitchens, including restaurants but also office cafeterias, food trucks, bakeries, and other food businesses. These businesses should be equipped with Class K fire extinguishers as part of a complete fire protection plan.

Can Type K fire extinguishers be found in the kitchen?

TYPE K — Class K extinguishers are for use on fires involving combustible cooking liquids such as animal oils, vegetable oils and fats. This type of extinguisher is most likely to be found in a commercial kitchen.

What is a Purple-K fire extinguisher used for?

Purple-K dry chemical agent may be used to combat fires in flammable liquids, gases, and greases (Class B) including such fires when involved with energized electrical equipment (Class C).

Is Purple-K corrosive?

Fire Extinguisher BC Purple-K Dry Chemical is color coded violet for identification purposes and is capable of extinguish- ing class B fires, and is class C rated. Potassium bicarbonate is mildly alkaline and can be corrosive to surfaces that are affected by alkaline residue.

Which fire extinguisher is not used in hospitals?

The wet chemical fire extinguishers are used for Class F fires. The Trust has over 500 fire extinguishers positioned around the Hospitals to deal with a fire quickly. This type of fire extinguisher should not be used for fires that involve electrical equipment over 1000 V and fires that involve cooking oil.

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