WHO said at least once in his career every fireman gets an itch?

Beatty even seems to care at this point because he tells Montag the whole history of how books declined in value and popularity, and then why their society outlawed them. At the end of his lecture, Beatty says the following: “One last thing. . . At least once in his career, every fireman gets an itch.

What itch does Beatty say every fireman gets at least once in their career?

“At least once in his career, every fireman gets an itch. What do the books say, he wonders. Oh, to scratch that itch, eh? Well, Montag, take my word for it, I’ve had to read a few in my time, to know what I was about, and the books say nothing!

Who does Beatty quote in Fahrenheit 451?

He is also not afraid of dying, arguably because he knows that the fireman system will survive the death of any captain. Once Beatty is gone, another man will simply take his position. The quick answer to this is that he quotes from Julius Caesar. Just before Montag kills him, Beatty is taunting Montag.

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What is the itch Beatty says firemen get?

Expert Answers

The “itch” Beatty speaks of is curiosity. Beatty referenced this tendency also when he complained that Clarisse wanted to know “why” things worked instead of “how.” Curiosity indicates a desire to learn and to know, which, in Bradbury’s society indicated dissatisfaction with the status quo.

What question does Millie ask Beatty?

Beatty visits Montag when he doesn’t come to work because he realizes that Montag is experiencing a crisis of faith about books. Mildred tells Montag that he has been lying in bed five hours later than normal. He tells her he is sick, and asks her to call Captain Beatty. She tells him he has never been sick before.

How old is Clarisse?

Clarisse is seventeen years old.

Why do you think the firemen are suddenly called?

Why do you think the firemen are suddenly called? He feels guilty about stealing the books. Montag reads a poem called “Dover Beach.” How do the women react after Montag reads the poem? The poem makes the women think which overwhelmes them and makes them upset.

What is the quote at the end of Fahrenheit 451?

At the end of the novel, Montag recalls the biblical passage, “To everything there is a season. A time to break down, a time to build up.” The time for destruction has ended; the time for rebirth has begun.

Is Captain Beatty good or bad?

Captain Beatty is perhaps one of the most critical characters in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451: he is expertly cruel and malicious, adroit at skewing the truth into a web of hypocrisies, and ultimately surrenders his own life.

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What happens to the old woman whose house the firemen have been called to?

Beatty and Montag attempt to persuade the woman to leave the house. She refuses, and ignites herself amongst her books with a kitchen match. The firemen are silent on the way back to the firehouse. … In the end, her gesture did affect Montag and he would eventual rebel from his oppressive society.

What technology does Mildred use to sleep?

Mildred uses a technology called Seashells to soothe her to sleep. These seashell transmitters fit in her ears like thimbles, and through them she can listen to music and programs far into the night until she falls asleep.

Why does Mrs Phelps cry?

Mrs. Phelps likely cries when Montag reads aloud the poem “The Sea of Faith” because the poem tells of a dark, ignorant society that is similar to their own. … To hear a poem that so plainly derides the way they live is enough to bring Mrs. Phelps to tears.

Why does Faber call himself a coward?

When Faber and Montag meet for the first time in the novel, Faber says he is a coward because he “saw the way things were going, a long time back” and yet he “said nothing.” Even though Faber privately rebels against the government by owning books and creating his own technology, he feels that he did not do enough to …

How does he treat Montag on page 51?

How does he treat Montag on page 51? He treats him with derision and mockery.

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