You asked: Why does Montag go to another Firemans house?

What does Montag do to the other firemen?

After Beatty eggs him on with more literary quotations, his last a quote from Julius Caesar, Montag turns his flamethrower on Beatty and burns him to a crisp. The other firemen do not move, and he knocks them out.

What does Montag do to his fellow fireman black?

While on the run with his books, he makes a stopover at Mr. Black’s house, his fellow fireman. Montag then plants the books in his kitchen, exits the house and then called in the alarm from a distance for the house to be burnt down.

What does Montag do to his house why?

Montag ultimately decides that Beatty provoked him by arming him with a flamethrower and having him burn his house because Beatty had a death wish and hoped for Montag to kill him: Beatty had wanted to die.

Does Montag hide books in another fireman’s house?

Expert Answers info Montag plants books in the home of his fellow fireman Black. … Answer and Explanation: After he is outed as a reader and book-owner, Montag hides his few remaining books in Mrs. Black’s house in order to misdirect his pursuers. Since Montag’s leg has been numbed by the mechanical hound, he cannot run.

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How did the hound not touch the world?

How did the Hound “not touch the world”? I think the Hound “not touching the world” represents Montag’s guilt. The guilt is not physically touching the world. And, the guilt is silent, yet it builds up and follows you, just like the Hound.

Who kills Beatty?

Captain Beatty dies when Montag aims the flame thrower at him and burns him alive. In the course of their work in burning books, Beatty leads Montag straight to Montag’s own house.

What lesson did Granger learn from his grandfather?

Granger was inspired by his grandfather’s stories to share the purpose of life with Montag; make change and cherish memories, which is what Granger learned from his grandfather.

Who turned in Montag?

Mildred and her friends call in separate alarms on Montag for possessing illegal books and reading poetry. Actually, several people call Captain Beatty to turn in Montag for having books hidden.

What happens to Montag as he is leaving the hound?

What happens to Montag as he leaving the Hound? Why was Montag having a hard time getting away? With the poison in his leg and the injury caused by the car, his leg is very painful. He can’t walk properly on it.

What happens after Montag kills Beatty?

Montag then squeezes the trigger and shoots Captain Beatty with liquid flames. Montag ends up killing Captain Beatty to avoid being arrested and to protect Faber from suffering the same fate. Montag also wishes to stop the cycle of burning books and censoring literature.

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