Your question: How do you light a portable propane fire pit?

Can you manually light a propane fire pit?

The match light ignition of a fire pit is manual. … To ignite the fire, you would use a long-stem lighter or a long match near the burner. Adjusting the gas valve will allow you to also adjust the size of the flames. To extinguish the flames, simply turn off the gas valve.

Why is my propane fire pit not lighting?

When the pilot won’t light, you can often trace the problem to a lack of propane, either because the tank is empty or a valve is closed. If the pilot won’t stay lit, the problem is usually related to the thermocouple, a heat-sensitive electrode that signals the gas valve to stay open when the pilot is on.

What do you need to lite a fire pit?

In order to properly start a fire in a fire pit, you will need to gather dry tinder and kindling, seasoned firewood, something to start your fire with, such as matches or a lighter, and a supply of water for emergencies.

Why is my fire pit not working?

Narrowing down the possible issues that might be contributing to the failure of your firepit can range from an incomplete installation, an insufficient fuel supply, loose lines or fittings, strong breezes, or even mishandling or neglecting to maintain your fire feature.

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How do you start a fire pit without lighter fluid?

If you find yourself without a propane tank, lighter fluid, kindling, or a fire starter on hand, you can easily start a wood fire with vegetable oil and paper as your starter.

How do you start a fire pit with sticks?

Lay one or two handfuls of tinder down in the center of the fire pit. Place four or five pieces of kindling over the tinder in a teepee fashion (arranging the sticks around the tinder with the sticks meeting in the center above the tinder).

How do you bypass the thermocouple on a propane fire pit?

To bypass the thermocouple:

  1. Move the tilts switch wire aside.
  2. Remove your thermocouple from the heater using an 8mm wrench.
  3. Pull the valve housing aside using your 13mm socket wrench. …
  4. Remove the valve using your pliers. …
  5. Put your thermocouple back into position.
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