Best answer: Are Solo fire pits good?

The Solo Stove Bonfire is a 19.5 inch-wide wood-burning fire pit made of highly durable, premium-grade stainless steel. … The pit itself is designed for the most efficient fire you’ve ever experienced. It’s a double-wall wood-burning firepit. The flames build from two spots.

Do Solo fire pits rust?

Rust Issues

It is due to the stainless steel becoming vulnerable to rust after heating. To avoid rusting, the Solo Stove Bonfire must be stored in a dry place like a sealed deck box to prevent the formation of dew.

Where is solo fire pit made?

Solo Stove is based in Texas, but the stoves are manufactured in China.

Is breeo better than solo?

While Breeo offers the option to custom build the perfect fire pit for your outdoor space, Solo Stove fire pits are lighter and more portable. Still, Breeo makes our favorite fire pits because they are American-made, innovative, and great for open-fire cooking.

Which breeo firepit is best?

A Breeo For Any Situation

  • Best For Open Fire Cooking – Breeo X Series 30 with Outpost.
  • Best For Luxury Settings – Breeo Luxeve.
  • Most Portable Fire Pit – Breeo X Series 19.
  • Best For Everyday Backyard Use – Breeo X Series 24.

Can you pour water on Solo Stove?

Before anyone with a metal fire pit, like a Solo Stove, Breeo, or other store-bought one interrupts, you don’t need to pour the water on the fire. … Your fire pit will eventually cool down, and you can put the cover on it before going to bed.

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Why does my Solo Stove smoke?

Is the fire in your Solo Stove still smoky? Solo Stove fire pits are designed to be virtually smokeless, but there are a few factors, such as damp wood, ash buildup, and using too much firewood, that can prevent the airflow in your Solo Stove from doing its job to eliminate smoke.

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