Can you have a campfire in Sedona?

Campfires are never allowed in the following areas: Fossil Creek (anywhere) Wet Beaver Creek (anywhere) Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona (except in developed campgrounds and recreation areas)

Are campfires allowed in Arizona right now?

No campfires are allowed, no smoking unless it’s within a vehicle or building, and no welding or operating acetylene or other torch with an open flame. Target shooting and fireworks are never allowed on state-owned and managed lands at any time.

What are the fire restrictions in Sedona?

Fireworks and other pyrotechnic displays are prohibited, unless permitted by the Fire Marshal. These restrictions also prohibit the outdoor use of equipment that generates sparks or open flames. This restricts the outdoor use of welding equipment, grinders and chain saws.

Is Sedona open due to fire?

Coconino National Forest has rescinded all fire restrictions after significant rain in the area. Summer rains offered a boost to the foliage and wildlife in the Coconino National Forest around Sedona but fire danger remains. Please avoid activities that could accidentally cause wildfires.

Can I grill in Sedona?

Charcoal barbecue grills are allowed only at private residences so long as they are covered. Outdoor smoking in public areas shall be limited to designated smoking areas. Any exceptions to these restrictions require approval from the Fire Marshal. Residents are encouraged to exercise caution and good judgment.

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Can I have a campfire in Flagstaff?

FAQs • Flagstaff • CivicEngage. Can I have a campfire in my backyard? No open burning is allowed in the city limits. You may have a fire inside a fire pit with a spark arrestor.

What parks are closed in Arizona due to fires?

Kartchner Caverns, Lost Dutchman, Oracle, and Picacho Peak state parks are currently under Fire Restrictions. Wood and charcoal fires are prohibited.

What are the stages of fire restrictions?

There are two fire restriction stages: Stage I and Stage II. There is one closure stage: Stage III. To reduce confusion and standardize the restrictions, the following conditions, by stage, should be used in all restriction documents. Additional elements may be added as conditions dictate.

How is the air quality in Sedona AZ?

Today’s Air Quality-Sedona, AZ

Air quality is acceptable; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.

Why is Sedona closed?

USFS cited the high fire danger in the region and “persistent wildfire activity during a time when firefighting resources are sparse,” as the reason for the forest-wide closure.

Do you have to wear a mask in Sedona?

Mask or no mask? The city of Sedona encourages businesses to continue to follow CDC guidelines. Governor Ducey will not allow local governments to implement a city-wide mask mandate, however businesses do have the ability to continue requiring masks and physical distancing.

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