Do firefighters need 20 20?

You do not need to have perfect vision to be a firefighter. You simply need to pass an eye exam and meet the vision standards set by the fire department. (These are usually set based on NFPA 1582 guidelines.)

Do you need 20/20 vision to be a firefighter UK?

The eyesight requirements for the role of a Firefighter are; … Uncorrected visual acuity should be at least 6/18 or better in the best eye and 6/24 or better in the worst eye. Corrected acuity should be a minimum of 6/7.5 in the best eye, with the worse eye at least 6/12.

What vision do you need for firefighter?

Distant Visual Acuity (DVA) Minimum uncorrected 6/18 better eye and 6/24 worse eye Corrected DVA 6/7.5 better eye and minimum of 6/12 worse eye Vision must be binocular minimum 6/9 aided or unaided.

What is the firefighter physical test?

The PAT is used to assess if a candidate’s level of fitness is suitable for a career as a firefighter. The PAT is a highly validated assessment designed specifically to identify and recruit individuals who are physiologically capable of tolerating the work-related demands of firefighting.

Can you be a firefighter with anxiety?

They must be able to organize a great deal of information in a short period of time under extreme mental, physical and psychological conditions. People who have a history of not handling stress well, or are prone to overreact (for example, have ever had a panic attack), do not make good firefighters.

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