Do you need a fire extinguisher in your car in Europe?

Do I need a fire extinguisher in my car in Europe?

Emergency and other equipment

Again, the majority European countries require a reflective jacket or vest for either just the driver or every passenger in the car. … A car first aid kit and fire extinguisher is required by law in most Nordic, Eastern European, Baltic and Soviet countries.

Do you need to have a fire extinguisher in car?

Fire extinguishers are mandatory for commercial trucks and buses and recommended in personal vehicles. There is no legal requirement that personal motor vehicles carry a fire extinguisher but NFPA stipulates that recreational vehicles (RVs) should have a 5 pound BC extinguisher located near each exit.

Do you need a fire extinguisher in your car in France?

Do I need a fire extinguisher to drive in France? No, it’s not compulsory to carry a fire extinguisher in private cars in France. … You may sometimes see the word ‘rappel’ under a speed limit sign on French roads.

Do you need a fire extinguisher in your car UK?

Fire extinguishers, whilst not a legal requirement for private cars in the UK, are required in commercial and public vehicles as well as HGVs. If you are a private motorist, you may still want to consider having an extinguisher in your car for added peace of mind.

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What two safety items must by law be carried in your car Europe?

The following equipment must be carried in your car with you: first-aid kit, warning triangle, headlamp converters, and winter tyres/all season tyres in wintry conditions. No drinking and driving is allowed. While higher than in the UK, speed limits are in place on general roads and the Autobahn, and should be obeyed.

Should you carry a first aid kit in your car?

Is it the law? To summarise, it is the law to have a first aid kit in company vehicles and in passenger-carrying vehicles. Even though it is not a legal requirement to have a first aid kit in your private car, it is still highly recommended, so that any injuries can be treated there and then.

What fire extinguisher should be kept in car?

5-B: C rated compact car fire extinguishers are ideal for use in vehicles. Fights flammable liquid and electrical fires. Small enough to fit in the trunk.

Do vehicle fire extinguishers expire?

As you use the device, dust, rust, damage, and other issues may impede the extinguisher’s ability to work well. … The operator only checks the shell because, in reality, the contents of a fire extinguisher never expire. While they don’t, the container could lose some of its pressure over time.

Is driving barefoot illegal in France?

You are not allowed to drive with these kind of shoes, that are not attached to the feet.” … In France the article R412-6 says that drivers must always be in a position to carry out all manoeuvres without delay and that the driver’s mobility and field of vision must not be reduced by any objects they are holding.

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