Frequent question: How much do Victorian firefighters get paid?

How much do firefighters get paid Victoria per year?

Recruit $27.53 $55.06 $55.06 $42.36 $52.95 Firefighter level 1 $27.53 $55.06 $55.06 $42.36 $52.95 Firefighter level 2 $27.92 $55.84 $55.84 $42.96 $53.70 Firefighter level 3 $28.41 $56.82 $56.82 $43.70 $54.63 Qualified firefighter $30.77 $61.54 $61.54 $47.34 $59.18 Leading firefighter $35.20 $70.40 $70.40 $54.16 $67.70 …

How much does a firefighter make in Victoria?

Firefighters are rostered to work throughout the year, including public holidays.

Remunerations and entitlements.

Position Level Salary per week
Recruit Firefighter – during 20 week training course $1,086.44
Firefighter Level 1 – on completion of the recruit course $1,514.76

How much do firefighters get paid Australia?

Public sector – Full-time

Classification Weekly pay rate Overtime – public holiday – day workers
Firefighter level 1 $1,156.66 $68.85
Firefighter level 2 $1,173.04 $69.83
Firefighter level 3 $1,193.01 $71.03
Qualified firefighter $1,292.44 $76.93

Do firefighters get paid well?

Luckily, firefighter salaries aren’t the same everywhere. You can earn far above $53,240 depending on which state you decide to settle in and work.

10 States Where Firefighters Earn the Most Money.

Rank State 2017 Mean Annual Wage
1 New Jersey $75,880
2 California $73,860
3 New York $70,560
4 Washington $70,300
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How many hours do firefighters work?

Firefighters typically work long periods and varied hours. Overtime is common. Most firefighters work 24-hour shifts on duty and are off the following 48 or 72 hours. Some firefighters may work 10/14 shifts, which means 10 hours working and 14 hours off.

Is it hard to become a firefighter in Australia?

The selection process for becoming a firefighter is tough. However, if you arm yourself with the right information, and the right practice materials, then your chances of passing will skyrocket. … If you want to join the fire service and become a firefighter, then you will need to pass the tough selection process.

How many calls do firefighters get a day?

Between those calls and the house fires, smoke calls and car accidents the department responds to 30,000 emergency calls a year, which amounts to 82 calls a day.

How long does it take to become a qualified firefighter?

What firefighter training is involved? All new firefighters are required to undergo extensive training that normally lasts between 12 and 16 weeks. Even firefighters who have been doing the job for a number of years are required to do ongoing training to ensure they’re at the top of their game.

How much do cops get paid in Australia?

The average police officer salary in Australia is $70,008 per year or $35.90 per hour. Entry level positions start at $65,713 per year while most experienced workers make up to $93,658 per year.

What is a good salary in Australia?

The average salary in Australia is now just over $60,000, new data from the Australian Tax Office has revealed. Data from the 2018-2019 financial year shows that the average salary for Australians who submitted tax returns was $63,085, up by $1634 from the year prior.

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