Quick Answer: Where do the firemen arrive at the start of this section and why is it described as a carnival?

Where do the firemen arrive at the start of this section, and why is it described as a ‘carnival’? -Much to Montag’s shock, they arrive at his and Mildred’s house.

Where do the firemen arrive at the start of this section and why is it described as a carnival *?

The firemen arrive at Montag’s house at the beginning of this section. They call it a carnival, because everyone comes out of their houses to see the burning.

What does Mildred leaving and the way she does so tell us about her character?

What does Mildred’s leaving, and the way she does so, tell us about her character? Mildred is extremely self-centered; so much so that she reports her own husband, burning her life and home in the process, just to save herself. You just studied 17 terms!

Why is Montag’s house described as a carnival?

It is described as a carnival because everyone was stepping out of there house to watch his house burn down.

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Why do you think the firemen are suddenly called at the end of this section?

Why do you think the firemen are suddenly called? He feels guilty about stealing the books. Montag reads a poem called “Dover Beach.” How do the women react after Montag reads the poem? The poem makes the women think which overwhelmes them and makes them upset.

How did the hound not touch the world?

How did the Hound “not touch the world”? I think the Hound “not touching the world” represents Montag’s guilt. The guilt is not physically touching the world. And, the guilt is silent, yet it builds up and follows you, just like the Hound.

Why is it suspicious that Mildred leaves the house in such a hurry?

She has become so disconnected from real, human connection that she doesn’t even say goodbye to Montag: just leaves in a hurry mumbling “poor family” in reference to the TV parlor characters: she is more concerned about them than she is her real-life husband.

Why is Mildred a bad wife?

Mildred is a poor choice for this knowledge for several reasons: She is not emotionally mature. When Mildred learns of the books, she exclaims, … While she cannot fathom the possibilities of books and cannot respond to them intellectually or emotionally, she longs for the stories and “family” portrayed in her parlor.

Why is Mildred depressed?

The alternative is a little more interesting: Mildred is deeply unhappy. She’s severely bothered by the fact that her life is empty and filled with hours of mindless television. But in this world, it’s Mildred’s job to be happy. … She’s done her duty by convincing herself she’s happy.

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What is Montag’s house compared to?

Expert Answers

Beatty orders Montag to set fire to his home, and in this scene that ensues, Bradbury compares it to a circus. This comparison is made clear from the opening line of the scene in which Bradbury talks about local people coming out of their homes to watch the “carnival” set up.

What does Beatty think of fire?

Beatty says that the real beauty of fire “’is that it destroys responsibility and consequences. A problem gets too burdensome, then into the furnace with it” (115).

What reason does Montag give for Beatty taunting him?

Beatty taunts Montag after an alarm is called in on his own house. Montag suspects that his wife has called in the alarm, his boss, Beatty instructs him to burn his own house. He warns him that the mechanical hound is after him and that if he tries to escape the hound will catch him.

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