What is a triple combination fire truck?

“Triple combination” means a fire pump, hose storage and a full complement of ground ladders. … The pumper we are replacing is 32 years old, and parts are getting hard to find. Three factors were important when looking into this purchase: firefighter safety, dependability and best value.

Why is a fire engine called a triple combination?

The triple combination fire engine or “triple” (as it is commonly called) is the most common type of firefighting apparatus in Los Angeles. The term “triple combination” refers to the apparatus having three components; water tank, high capacity water pump, and hose.

What is a quad fire truck?

A quad combines the functions of several pieces of fire apparatus. It’s usually constructed on an extended chassis and can provide pumping capability. It features a water tank, hose-carrying capabilities and the ground ladders of a truck company without an aerial device.

What are the 4 types of firefighters?

Here are some common types of firefighter jobs:

  • Volunteer firefighter.
  • Inspector.
  • Wildland firefighter.
  • Firefighter engineer.
  • Airport firefighter.
  • Firefighter/EMT.
  • Firefighter/paramedic.
  • Fire investigator.

What’s the most expensive fire truck?

Of course, the biggest (and likely most expensive) firetruck in the world was created by a company in Dubai. The vehicle in question, dubbed the Falcon 8×8, is an eight-wheeled fiberglass behemoth that boasts around 900 horsepower.

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What is the difference between fire truck and fire engine?

Fire engines are equipped with hoses and water so that personnel can aggressively fight the fire. Fire Trucks are like the firefighter’s tool box — carrying ladders, rescue equipment and other tools to enable personnel to support firefighting activities.

How many is a quint?

an organ stop sounding a fifth higher than the corresponding digitals. Piquet. a sequence of five cards of the same suit, as an ace, king, queen, jack, and ten (quint major ), or a king, queen, jack, ten, and nine (quint minor ).

What is the difference between a quint and a ladder truck?

The real difference between a quint and a traditional ladder truck is that the quint is designed to function as an engine (attack lines, booster tank, pre-connected hose, etc.)

How much does a quint fire truck cost?

“It (the Pierce Quint) is a top-of-the-line firefighting vehicle that’s worth $1 million,” said fire board chairman Steve Johnston. “It will take care of the fire department for 20 years. It’s one of the last vehicles out the door from Pierce before the up-charge for steel (due to tariffs on steel).

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