What is fire and life safety audit?

The inspections look at a building’s construction, its fire protection systems, and its operational features that provide safety from fire, smoke, and general panic during emergencies. A building passes an inspection when it meets all of the code requirements of NFPA 101.

What is fire safety audit?

Fire Safety audit is a systematic and independent evaluation of the fire risks present in the premises and involve recommendations about appropriate measures to control and mitigate the effects of fires. Applicable Standards:National Building Code 2005,IS Standards in Fire Safety.

What is meant by fire audit?

Fire Audits are structured and a systematic examination of the workplace to identify the hazards from fire. They are conducted by competent Fire Safety Auditors as it involves an in-depth examination of an organisation’s fire safety management system(s) and associated arrangements.

What is included in fire Life Safety?

Life-safety system, Any interior building element designed to protect and evacuate the building population in emergencies, including fires and earthquakes, and less critical events, such as power failures. … For fire suppression, hand-operated fire extinguishers and, often, building sprinkler systems are provided.

What is safety audit?

A safety audit is a structured process whereby information is collected relating to the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of a company’s total health and safety management system.

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How do I become a fire auditor?

i) Should have passed Station Fire Officers Course and above from National Fire Service College (NFSC), Nagpur or any equivalent organisation and having minimum five years related experience in fire safety in the preceding years.

What is a fire safety risk assessment?

What is a Fire Risk Assessment? A careful look at your premises and the people who use them, from a fire prevention perspective. It’s about understanding the potential risks, then improving your fire safety precautions to keep people safe.

What is fire safety systems?

A Fire Safety System (FSS) refers to all the means used to detect, inform, intervene or evacuate a public access building (PAB) in the event of a fire. Installing a type of FSS in a facility is determined by the Safety Committee or by the facility’s Safety Regulations.

What are life safety plans?

Life Safety drawings are floor plans of the building that identify life safety features as required by NFPA 101 (2012 edition) Life Safety Code. … 01 EP3 requires that “the hospital/organization maintains current and accurate drawings denoting features of fire safety and related square footage.

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