What is fire pit glass made of?

Fireplace glass is made of tempered glass that is tumbled and polished to create little pebbles that are resistant to high heat. This glass will not burn, melt, explode like regular glass could, soot, or smoke no matter how long you use it. It is also resistant to discoloration when use with natural gas.

Why is fire pit glass so expensive?

In short, the higher the quality of the fire glass the greater the amount of protective packaging is required which drives the price up. Customer service and product warranties contribute to driving the cost of fire glass up.

Will glass melt in a fire pit?

Will the fire glass melt, emit toxic fumes or fade? Exotic Glass will not melt, emit toxic fumes or fade if used correctly in fire applications less than 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Natural gas burns cleaner than propane and for this reason, it is the recommended choice when using light colored glass.

Can you use Dollar Tree glass in a fire pit?

When tempered glass is broken it breaks up into tiny pieces and holds up to the heat very well. … Info@easyfirepits.com says that YES you can use Dollar Store glass beads. This company sells DIY fire pit kits.

Should fire glass cover the burner?

Glass Coverage: Use enough fire glass to cover the burner but don’t layer the glass higher than 1/2” above the burner in propane gas applications. You can use slightly more fire glass in natural gas applications. glass.

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