What is the purpose of a soul campfire?

Soul campfires can be used to convert soul sand into soul soil. If a soul campfire is crafted using soul sand, placed, and then broken without Silk Touch, that soul campfire drops soul soil.

Do soul campfires work for bees?

When placed under a beehive, the souls in the flames of the soul canpfire travel through the smoke and possess the bees. This not only makes the bees docile, but makes them work through the night. This adds more function to the campfire elevating it to something different then a regular campfire.

Do Soul lanterns melt ice?

Soul torches work mostly the same as regular torches. They act as a light source for the player to utilize. … Unlike normal torches, soul torches will not melt snow and ice.

Do soul campfires cook faster?

Soul Campfires cook food 2 times faster than a normal Campfire.

Do soul campfires do more damage than regular?

The soul campfire doesn’t do twice as damage than normal campfire on Bedrock Edition. This is fixed on the Java Edition 20w22a snapshot. Observed Results: Soul campfire does the same amount of damage as the normal campfire.

Can you leave campfires under beehives Minecraft?

A campfire can be within five blocks underneath the hive, if nothing blocks the smoke. This “smokes” the hive, so that harvesting does not aggravate the bees. However, a campfire (let alone a fire block) also damages mobs that touch it, and bees are no exception.

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Do campfires destroy drops?

Campfires can be mined with any tool, or without a tool, but axes are the fastest. A regular campfire drops 2 charcoal, a soul campfire drops soul soil, and either one also drops any items placed on it.


Block Campfire Soul Campfire
Wooden 1.5 1.5
Stone 0.75 0.75
Iron 0.5 0.5
Diamond 0.4 0.4

Are Piglins scared of soul fire?

Piglin is scared off by a Zombified Piglin, Zoglin, or soul fire.

Do soul torches attract mobs?

But, most importantly, it prevents hostile mobs from spawning in Minecraft. …

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