What is the term for the non emergency activations of the fire alarm?

What is a NAC on a fire alarm system?

NAC: Short for “Notification Appliance Circuit“. Also called the Bell Circuit, Signal Circuit, or Output Circuit. OUTPUT DEVICES are terminated to the NAC in either a Class “A” or Class “B” configuration.

What are the 4 types of supervising station alarm systems?

Central station fire alarm system. Proprietary supervising station fire alarm system. Remote supervising station fire alarm system.

What is a manual fire alarm system?

Manual Fire Alarm System

A building fire emergency notification system consisting minimally of audible and visual alarm notification appliances (i.e., horns and strobes) installed within all common-use areas of a building and manual alarm stations (i.e., pull stations) installed at every exit from every level.

What is a non coded fire alarm system?

A noncoded alarm system has one or more alarm-indicating appliances to alert the building occupants of a fire but does not tell the location or the type of device that has been activated (manual alarm or automatic protection equipment).

What is a protection loop trouble?

A Protection Loop Short indicates that you might have some faulty wiring for a particular zone or a faulty alarm panel. This wiring or alarm panel fault requires a technician to attend and check the system. If the signal persists, please call during business hours to arrange a technician.

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What is Class A and Class B wiring?

If a connection or wire is broken, Class B Wiring Systems stop working properly. … Class A Wiring Systems go a step further. Not only do they indicate there is trouble in the wiring, but if a fire breaks out in the building, before a single broken wire or connection has been fixed, all devices will still work.

Is notifier a proprietary system?


AFA Protective Systems is an independent, non-proprietary fire alarm systems provider offering assistance with evaluating and recommending the best fire alarm system for your commercial property.

What is manual call point?

A manual call point is a device which enables personnel to raise an alarm in the event of a fire incident by pressing a frangible element to activate the alarm system.

What are the 3 main types of fire alarms?

The three most common smoke detectors are ionisation, photoelectric, and combination ionisation/photoelectric. All smoke detectors sound an alarm, when they identify smoke, in order to notify a building’s occupants. What differentiates these detectors from one another is the way that they detect smoke.

What is an alarm panel?

Simply put, an alarm control panel is a device that is usually installed on the wall to give controllers complete access to an alarm system. … Learn more about the unique ways alarm control panels can work to fully secure your environment.

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