Which of the following is the main advantage of using a one firefighter spread with a rolled salvage cover?

Which of the following is the main advantage of using a one-firefighter spread with a rolled salvage cover? One person can quickly unroll the salvage cover across the top of an object.

Which term refers to the damage caused by fire and smoke?

during a fire incident. … before, during, and after a fire incident. Damage caused by fire and smoke is referred to as: (1104) A. key damage.

What are thermal imagers TI used to identify during overhaul operations?

Thermal imagers are used by emergency responders for a variety of applications. Commonly, these systems are used to assist firefighters in identifying hidden hotspots in firefighting, locate downed personnel in limited visibility conditions such as smokefilled rooms, and in “overhaul” operations.

Why should Countents be removed from a structure during salvage procedures?

What is the BEST reason for removing contents from a structure during salvage procedures? When salvage operations are performed and contents are removed from the structure, the salvage operations may: interfere with suppression and ventilation crews using the same doors.

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Which is the goal of salvage operations at a residential fire?

Conducted to save property from a fire and reduce damage Aimed at limiting secondary losses from smoke and water damage Salvage operations include: Expelling smoke Removing heat Controlling water runoff Removing water from the building Securing a building after a fire Covering broken doors and windows Patching …

What are the three techniques used to fight fires?

The following are the basic firefighting techniques that exist:

  • Direct Attack Technique. This must be the most well-known technique for firefighting. …
  • Indirect Attack Technique. …
  • The Combination Attack Technique. …
  • Fog Attack Technique. …
  • The “Two Lines In” Technique.

What are the 7 sides of a fire?

Command must consider the seven sides (or sectors) of the fire: front, rear, both sides, top, bottom, and interior. Fires cannot be considered under control until all seven sides are addressed. Failure to address all seven sides will frequently result in fire extension.

Can thermals see through glass?

As we said in the last point, thermal cameras can’t see through glass. This means that the best way of evading thermal cameras directly ahead of you is to hide behind a large glass sheet.

Can IR camera see through smoke?

Yes, thermal cameras can detect heat through smoke, and are widely used by firefighters for this purpose. Soot particles in smoke effectively block visible light, but allow infrared radiation to pass through, letting firefighters or other first responders navigate through smoke-filled environments.

What are the two objectives for a structural search?

There are two main objectives in conducting a structural search: searching for life and assessing fire conditions.

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What material is used by fire departments for salvage covers?

The most common size is 12′ X 18′. Conventional salvage covers are constructed of waterproofed, closely woven canvas. Rubber, plastic and paper disposable salvage covers are also available. The use of plastic sheeting may be a viable alternative to using canvas covers.

Which item is a goal of overhaul?

The goal of overhauling is to ensure that all fire has been completely extinguished while minimizing further damage to the structure. It is not just wetting down of a fire area but a thorough investigation.

What do firefighters use to protect a building contents from damage due to water and falling debris?

How are salvage covers used in firefighting? They are used to protect a building’s contents from damage due to water and falling debris. … It is personal protective equipment (PPE) designed for airport fire fighters and is made of an aluminized material to reflect heat.

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