Why do you think the woman stays in her house while it is burning?

Why do you think the woman stays in her house while it is burning? She wants to show them that she would stand up for how wrong it was to burn books. … Montag takes a book from the house because he read a line in it and it blazed in his mind. He hides it in his bed when he gets it home.

Why do you think the woman chooses to burn herself along with her books?

Why do you think the woman chooses to burn herself along with her books? … -The woman chooses to burn herself with her books because they were her precious treasure and she would rather die with them than be alive without them because then there wouldn’t be really anything to live for.

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What does Montag do the day after burning the old woman’s house?

Montag steals a book. The firemen continue to burn all books they find. Beatty and Montag attempt to persuade the woman to leave the house.

What does Mildred say about the woman who burned with her house?

When Montag first tells Mildred that they burned a woman, her response is flippant. She says “well” as if to say “is that all” or “anything else?” Montag then suggests he might quit his job for a while. And Millie is outraged because this would interrupt the familiar and comforting monotony of their lives.

What is important about the house burning scene at the Old Ladies Home?

The scene in which the firemen raid the old woman’s home to burn her books is pivotal, raising the question of what can make books worth dying for.

What does the old woman do before she burns her and her house down?

After pouring kerosene throughout the old woman’s home and instinctively stealing one of her books, Montag begs the woman to leave her house before they set it on fire. … Her suicide has a profound impact on Montag, who is influenced by her bravery and filled with guilt for being a fireman.

What goes wrong with the burn job at the old lady’s house?

What happens to the old woman whose house is burned by the firemen? She refuses to leave and dies in the fire. She is taken to a mental institution. She is put in jail.

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What happens when the woman refuses to leave her house so the fireman can burn her books?

What effect does this have on the firemen, particularly Montag? a. The woman refuses to leave her books because they are all she has, and she would rather die with them than live without them. Montag is effected because he sees the woman burn alive and he is filled with guilt.

What page did Montag burn the old lady?

Page numbers vary depending on edition, but it is in part 1 of the book, on page 48 in my edition, about a third of a way through the novel. It is the third in the series of incidents that cause Montag to profoundly question how he is living.

Why are alarms always burning at night?

The fire alarms always come at night because a fire burning at night gets more attention. In Montag’s world, firemen don’t put out fires. … Alarms are set off by neighbors who suspect books, and naturally they would want to see the fire in all its glory, so they set the alarm off at night.

What is the significance of the quote repeated by the woman who burned herself along with her house books?

Latimer believed that his death would light a candle that might never be put out. By repeating this phrase, the woman expresses the hope that somebody will follow her example and realize the dangers of censorship. As such, this quote foreshadows Montag’s own (impending) rebellion against the state’s control over books.

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In what room of the house do most fatal fires start?

Home fires are more likely to start in the kitchen than any other room in the home. The second leading cause of home fires are heating sources like wood stoves, and fireplaces. Fires caused by smoking are the leading cause of deaths.

Who kills Beatty?

Captain Beatty dies when Montag aims the flame thrower at him and burns him alive. In the course of their work in burning books, Beatty leads Montag straight to Montag’s own house.

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