Why is CO2 considered to be an excellent fire extinguisher?

Carbon dioxide extinguishers work because carbon dioxide molecules are heavier than oxygen molecules and when the liquid carbon dioxide inside the extinguisher expands into a gas, the carbon dioxide pushes out any oxygen surrounding the fire which helps as an excellent fire extinguisher.

Why CO2 is considered as the best fire extinguisher?

As Fire needs oxygen to burn, Carbon Dioxide Covers the fire like an blanket and cuts the contact of fire to the oxygen present in the air, So Fire stops burning. That is why Carbon Dioxide is Considere as the best Fire Extinguisher.

Why CO2 is the best fire extinguisher class 8?

Why Carbon Dioxide is the best extinguisher for fire involving electrical equipments?

  • Carbon Dioxide is heavier than oxygen.
  • Carbon dioxide does not harm electrical equipment.
  • Carbon dioxide can be stored easily.
  • It reduces ignition temperature.
  • NCERT Question 8 – Explain how CO 2 is able to control fires.

Why carbon dioxide is used in fire extinguisher give reason?

Complete answer:

It displaces oxygen so that oxygen cannot come in contact with fire. Thus, carbon dioxide gas stops the supply of oxygen thereby removing oxygen from the fire triangle. In fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide gas is stored under very high pressure.

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What is a carbon dioxide extinguisher good for?

CO2 fire extinguishers are designed for Class B liquid fires & safe to use on live electrical. Class B fires that can be extinguished with a carbon dioxide extinguisher include flammable liquids and gases, solvents, oil, greases (excluding cooking oils/greases), tars, oil-based paints and lacquers.

What is fuel in class 8?

A material which is burnt to produce heat is called a fuel. For Ex:Wood,coal,LPG,Kerosene,petrol,diesel,natural gas,biogas. A fuel is a very good source of heat.

How does co2 control fire?

Carbon dioxide covers the fire and cut-off the contact of oxygen and fuel. This is because carbon dioxide is heavier than the oxygen. … When carbon dioxide is released, it expands enormously and cools down. Due to this temperature it brings down and this helps in controlling the fire.

How does a fire extinguisher work class 8?

The electrical fires are extinguished by using carbon dioxide gas fire extinguisher. 1)Carbon dioxide is denser than air and forms a layer around the burning substance.It covers the fire like a blanket due to which fresh air cannot reach the burning substance. … 3)It does not harm the electrical equipment.

Why CO2 is not used for class A fire?

Carbon dioxide extinguishes work by displacing oxygen, or taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle. … CO2s may be ineffective at extinguishing Class A fires because they may not be able to displace enough oxygen to successfully put the fire out. Class A materials may also smolder and re-ignite.

Which is a disadvantage of CO2 extinguishers?

Disadvantages Of Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers

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As CO2 works by displacing the oxygen around the fire, it is not suitable for outdoor use, or in environments exposed to windy conditions. CO2 is a high pressured extinguisher. Using it on class A fires or class F fires could cause the fire to spread.

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